Roadside Recovery Spill Kit


Tech Features

  • Fast and effective incident response.
  • Absorbs initial spills using natural absorbents.
  • Protect drains with the drain cover incorporated.
  • Retain leaking fluids using the BundiQuick Pop-Up Pool Plus.
  • Potential to recycle uncontaminated fluids


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Lubetech’s new Roadside Recovery Kit has become ‘the essential’ for all commercially operated vehicles and plant, bringing an end to poorly managed spill scenes. The Kits are designed to assist ADR compliance, offer significant cost saving potentials and support your companies Environmental Credibility.
Pack Quantity1
Pack Weight6.900
Unit Size200dia x 580mm
Use to AbsorbHydrocarbon based fuels, oils and lubricants
Capacity100 Litres
Kit8 Absorbent Pads, 1 x 1.2m Sock, 1 x 46 x 46cm Polyurethane Drain Cover, 1 x 75 Litre BundiQuick Pop-Up Pool Max, 3 Waste Disposal Bags & Ties