It’s not just spill equipment that NPS UK offers. Assuring customers needs for the complete package, our Skill Centre team carry out site surveys and spill response training to make your systems more efficient and reinforce environmental compliance.

We have a specialist team covering the entire UK, and our Helpdesk can be contacted on 02380 274123. We also supply Basic `Skills for Spills` courses independently at venues right across the UK.






Legislation mandates spill control in business with substantial penalties for non-compliance or consequential damage. Your business must have a contingency plan & active spill management system.

We offer a free of charge Site Audit, an informal review highlighting non-compliant areas with suggestions for equipping of the site. Your local NPS UK distributor will organise this for you on request.

At the next level, formal NPS UK Skill Centre CSR Review assists in complying with Pollution Prevention Guidelines (PPG) and achieving ISO 14001.

Our formal Site Surveys serve the highest requirement! Our responsibility is to recommend only those items your site requires. Surveys are 100% site-specific, selecting products from our range we recommend as practical, sensible and cost-effective.

Surveys are in written format, reference legislation and match to actual area requirement(s). Surveys are essential where your site is considering an Environmental Management System (EMS), for insurance purposes, or post-incident when practical lessons need to be learned.


The Environment – it's something we hear a lot about these days. But Business is important too.

It is important to remember that if the environment is to stay how it is, we must look after it. We recognise the responsibility of company and individual alike to protect both their working and wider environment. But increasingly it's also sound business sense when costs for NOT complying can be enormous. Spills cost you dear - in financial terms and corporate reputation. For spill prevention & response to be effective, all key personnel need training.

The NPS UK Skill Centre team provide training at the right level, and in the most effective manner. We have three different levels of spill response training – and any one can be used as a foundation to meet your own site-specific requirements.