An in-depth NPS UK Skill Centre course covering awareness of relevant legislation and how on-site contingency planning is essential to support an application for ISO14001 or similar Environmental Management System (EMS). Recommended for both on-site specific training and off-site presentation to staff and spill control teams at Regional and Head Office level. Also suitable for Refresher Training to update on techniques, products and legislative changes and requirements.

  • Introduction to current legislation and the role and powers of monitoring bodies
  • How to structure and implement a contingency plan
  • Product identification - what to use, when and where to use it
  • What is a spill response kit - contents, packaging sequence, how to use it and stock checking
  • Segregation and subsequent disposal of used absorbents
  • Practical demonstration
  • Open forum - question and answer
  • Optional written test
  • Time required - 2½ Hours per session (Up to 2 sessions per day) 

This course is also suitable for Health & Safety professionals looking to extend their knowledge of regulatory compliance with spillage under Risk Assessment and Health & Safety Executive guidelines: As of October 2012 the H&S Executive now charge £124 per hour as the `fee for intervention` in investigation of potential material breach of H&S regulation. In August 2013 new guidelines were introduced that require mandatory revisiting of the Risk Assessment with a focus on spillage.