Corporate Values


NPS UK aims to maintain recognition as Global Market Leaders in the manufacture of meltblown absorbents and spill control products through the application of guiding principles and values in every area.  

We commit to our corporate values to guide our strategic decisions and structure our market stance: 

  • Global We focus on the manufacture and development of high quality meltblown absorbents; delivering value to our distribution partners, their customers and the marketplace. We anticipate and forecast change and work to capitalise on the many opportunities that arise. 
  • Teamwork We promote, support and work to develop, a diverse, versatile and progressive team. We work together and in one direction, to meet our combined global, national, regional and local goals and objectives
  • Honesty We work with an open book policy and all of our processes are open to examination by external bodies. 
  • Integrity We consistently exercise the highest ethical standards, demonstrating honesty and integrity in any action that we take, in every area of the business. 
  • Accountability We demonstrate an individual, team and corporate willingness to accept responsibility for action and outcome. We always take responsibility for our performance in all of our actions and decisions.
  • Respect We honour the rights of our distribution partners, their customers and our stakeholders. We treat others with the highest levels of trust and respect.