NPS UK Health & Safety and the Environment


As world leaders in spill control, NPS UK commits to leading industry in minimising (and where possible, eliminating), the impact of our activities and those of our customers on the environment. NPS UK takes practical steps to ensure we maximise our own environmental efficiency.

Key points of our Environmental Management System (EMS) to achieve this are:

  • Minimise waste by evaluating and studying all operations to ensuring they are as efficient as possible. We aim to reduce waste by 6.5% year on year
  • Minimise all harmful emissions through selection and use of its fleet and sourcing of power requirements. Evaluating all possible alternative energy sources, and setting energy reduction targets which are reviewed on a 6 month cycle
  •  Actively promote and install recycling programmes both internally and among customers and suppliers. All staff are given instruction on which items to recycle as part of the programme
  •  Source and promote a viable, sustainably-sourced product range to minimise environmental impact of both production and distribution. Invest in alternative product ranges to minimise environmental impact
  •  Meet or exceed all environmental legislation that relates to the Company. Ensure full compliance with all relevant guidelines that affect our processes and company operations
  •  Use accredited programs to offset the greenhouse gas emissions generated by our activities on a local, national & global scale. Set targets for harmful emission reduction, and review these targets on a 6 month cycle

The environmental policy is reviewed twice each year. We aim to positively amend all areas. All changes are communicated to all affected, including relevant external parties.

 A copy of our environmental policy is available upon request. 

Your policy

If you would like advice or assistance in setting out your own environmental policy, Environmental Management System (EMS) or Risk Assessment for health & safety purposes please contact us, We'll do our best to assist. We've been there, we know how to help you get where you're going!