Nowhere is spill control more important than in the aviation sector.

Contamination not only presents a high risk for component failure it also represents a significant risk for more than just a spill. In aerospace just two types of spill are common: The consequential spill arising from manufacturing or maintenance processes; and the incidental spill giving rise to a need for emergency response. Both significantly disrupt operations, with safety implications beyond merely those on site and cost and competitiveness implications that damage the bottom line.

High quality products, high quality training and high quality advice and guidance are prerequisites, and it is this across-the-board professionalism where NPS UK excels. Whether it’s supporting `best practice` site audits, product review and recommendation, staff training for ISO and insurance compliance, World-leading NPS UK supports your local supplier to help you enhance environmental credentials, maintain safety standards and enhance business efficiency. Simply switching from granules to pads or rolls can see efficiency savings of 20% on spill and fluid management.