Maintaining the highest environmental standards is second nature to the Foodstuffs industry.

As a target for the attentions of environmental health, health & safety AND environmental officials, products need to be aligned to the requirement with a greater focus on protection than almost any other. With a variety of fluid type concerns, starting with water, oils and greases, chemicals and additives, the nightmare contaminant that is milk – or even the use of cleaning materials, it is vital  that the business receives the very best and clearest advice  - and implements it.

NPS UK offers specialist advice from technical and regional managers supporting your local supplier to provide not only product recommendations, but also site audits and surveys (to ISO14001 level and beyond) , staff training and support (our Train-the-Trainer courses are widely recognised as the most cost-effective in the industry allowing for downtraining and staff induction at the earliest point) and a level of scrutiny that exceeds that of any regulatory body.