Around the World marine spills and at-sea incidents draw attention from authorities and regulatory bodies, not to mention the media and environmental commentators. Far better then. to prevent spills and have an immediate response that doesn’t just meet the requirement, but actually protects your vessel, its crew and the business.

NPS UK offer the widest range of onboard spill products that match or exceed SOPEP requirements and provide the most cost-effective and prompt response in the industry. Every vessel, every plant room, every dock or equipment room needs access to these products and staff need to be trained in their use. Pads, rolls, socks, and of course booms, are a staple of prevention and act as both barrier and bulk absorbent.

Ashore, we offer an unmatched range of bunding solutions for dockside spill prevention and temporary or permanent protection with filtration, spill management and storage solutions to capture or contain spills, and prevent them reaching the river or ocean with all the regulatory enforcement and costs that failure implies.


Who are IMPA and what is there role with the Marine Stores Guide?

IMPA is the International Marine Purchasing Association and is a marine trade association that promotes co-operation and understanding between purchaser and supplier ( Since 1993 IMPA has been the joint publisher of the Guide.