Spills cost. Itís a plain fact. The greatest propensity for spills lies in this area, where vehicles mix and mingle in motion, carriers convey all types of fluids from place to place, and delays and accidents cost money!

Delays and accidents cost time & money. Here a business that operates efficiently has a competitive advantage, not just an environmental one. It pays to be fully compliant with the law. And for those who utilise fluids such as Adblue and associated Diesel Exhaust Fluids (DEF) to minimise emissions for access to Low Emissions Zones or demonstrating `green` credentials there are increasing pressures from the Environment Agency and Scottish Environment Protection Agency to curtail or prevent spills of such materials as they actually represent an additional  environment hazard.

NPS UK operates across-the-board in the Transport and Logistics sectors and products as our BundiQuick capture solution don’t just prevent fuel contamination of the ecosystem it captures it for later re-use. Saving more than the product cost!