About Us

NPS UK: making a difference IS OUR PASSION. globally OUR dedicated professionals, experienceD in all areas of spill control, focus on delivering your expectations as a customer.

Rainbow Blobs SMALL VERSION- OptionSince 1996, we've specialised in the manufacture and development of a variety of market-leading absorbents and spill control products, helping industry protect their business, health & safety requirements and the environment from contamination by fluid spills. We are recognised as World Leaders in the manufacture of meltblown spill absorbents and our family of brands are globally renowned. We are a critical resource thousands of customers in 135 countries across 5 continents.

Today right across the world, environmental awareness is mainstream. For many people and businesses the choice of a product or service is affected by the green credentials of the supplier. Health & Safety compliance needs no introduction!


In January 2017, NPS Corporation acquired the Lubetech UK business and with this began a series of key strategic acquisitions laying the foundations of a clear global strategy.  Later in 2017, the global business of Evolution Sorbent Products was acquired and from this important addition, NPS UK was established to bring together the expertise from across the Lubetech and ESP businesses.

To complete a trio of key strategic acquisitions within a whirlwind 12 month period, NPS Corporation added United Sorbents in January of 2018.  The result, is a global powerhouse in the manufacture of meltblown absorbents and the provider of an extensive range of high quality spill control products.

NPS UK - World leading manufacturing of meltblown absorbents