'Classic 3000' Dimpled Oil-Only Roll 48cm x 44cm


Tech Features

  • Open meltblown polypropylene for rapid absorption rates
  • No perforations, designed for marine applications
  • High Loft to increase absorbency

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Classic styled Oil only (hydrophobic) absorbent roll from the Lubetech range. Fantastic strength due to low linting coverstock applied to both sides, minimises ripping tearing or fraying. Oil only properties mean the pad will absorb floating oil from the surface of other fluids, i.e. water, coolant etc. Dimpled to ensure product stability even when saturated Designed to absorb and retain all hydrocarbon spills, i.e. Oils and fuels Heat sealed edges to optimise fluid retention 100% top grade polypropylene construction. Perforated 2 ways for economy of use All-white construction indicates easily when oil has been absorbed Fast absorbing, even on heavier oils Designed for use in a maintenance or marine application
Pack Quantity1
Pack Weight0.000
Unit Size520 x 420 x 470mm
Use to AbsorbHydrocarbon based fuels, oils and lubricants
To AbsorbHydrocarbon based fuels, oils and lubricants