Classic 3000' Plain Oil-Only Pad 50cm x 40cm


Tech Features

  • Plain open meltblown polypropylene for maximum capacity
  • Hydrophobic- float on water
  • High Loft to increase absorbency

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Classic style Oil-only (hydrophobic) absorbent pad from the Lubetech range. Retains strength even when saturated Designed to absorb and retain all oils and fuels. Will repel water, coolants, solvents and other non-hydrocarbon products. 100% top grade polypropylene construction. All-white construction indicates easily when oil has been absorbed Combining performance and endurance Designed for use with day to day spills in any environment
Pack Quantity100
Pack Weight0.000
Unit Size520 x 420 x 470mm
Use to AbsorbHydrocarbon based fuels, oils and lubricants
To AbsorbHydrocarbon based fuels, oils and lubricants