20cm x 3m 'Classic' Oil-Only spaghetti Marine Boom


Tech Features

  • Highly absorbent meltblown fill
  • Fitted with karabiner clips to form a continuous Boom
  • Industrial strength nylon outer netting with continuous high tensile draw cord

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A Performance quality oil-only absorbent boom from the Lubetech range Extra-tough construction for marine use Designed to cope with all pollutants in the high-consequence marine environment Easily attached to each other, via snap on clip and ring system Open fibres for faster absorption Floats on water even when saturated, retaining barrier function Suitable for deploying on open seas
Pack Quantity4
Pack Weight0.000
Unit Size685 x 585 x 672mm
Use to AbsorbHydrocarbon based fuels, oils and lubricants
To AbsorbHydrocarbon based fuels, oils and lubricants